Custom faux painting techniques and decorative painting ideas for your home or business.

RE-design your home or office today!

Faux Finishing has been used to create beauty and elegance in our homes and places of business for centuries. We at DesignBoard strive to bring that same beauty and elegance to your environment by using the highest quality of craftsmanship, materials and cutting edge techniques.

DesignBoard artists have been in the art industry for over 25 years and have trained with internationally renowned artisans. Our mission is to bring you long lasting enjoyment without compromising detail and quality.

We offer LusterStone, Venetian Plaster, Marble, Glazing, Parchment, Old World Plasters, Murals, Brick, Stenciling, Furniture, Switch Plates, Ceilings and more...

Contact us for a consultation today. We are located in Naples, FL.

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